Oooh la la Miss Mitzie!

9 Dec

A little risque, n’est ce pas?  The top layer of crinoline had to be lifted up so the bottom layer could get its horsehair braid, nowadays known as crin (short for crinoline, not to be confused with the garment).  So up she went onto the cutting table – yeah, as though I could cut anything on it bigger than a pocket – and hemming began.  As the organza for the under layer was a bit on the short side, I started with the shortest length, which is hopefully long enough to not look too weird, and measured to that.

The crin was folded horizontally and wrapped the organza, which nicely avoided the need to hem the wretched stuff.  Not that my rolled hem serger would likely have had an issue with it, but certain organzas in the past have been challenging.  Basic wide zig zag while keeping the gown on the dress form so that Miss M. could look over my shoulder while I sewed worked really well.  It took close to half an hour to go all the way around!

Miss Mitzie has returned her skirts to a more ladylike place and will be proceeding with hemming of the darker pink maybe tonight.

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