Waistline detail?

16 Mar

Getting into one of these gowns is a bit of a production and doing it with pins in odd places is a challenge! Trooping up and down the stairs carrying pins and a camera, etc. is probably very entertaining to watch.  Take a peek, discuss among yourselves and remember I am open to feedback.

View #1- wide

View #2 – narrower and a bit higher

View #3 – narrowest

These all slope downward a bit at the back as it was pinned and my DH (Design Helper) was out doing “real” work.  View 2 and 3 are placed just above the waistline seam and #1 goes above and below.  I think I like the narrowest one best and I do think it would make a good addition to the gown.  The cuff needs to be a smidge narrower, as well.

The body suit needs a tiny dart from neckline to bust and it really should be done without the collar on, but I am unwilling to take it off.  I have decided to baste the armscye of the body suit into the dress, see how that looks and dart and tuck by hand, hopefully hiding any mess under the collar stitching.

Forgot the back view! I didn’t move the tripod, but took these photos in dance heels, so cut my head off a bit.

UPDATE: my panel of design experts last night voted for a wider waistband, fully encrusted with rhinestones (this is a current trend in ballgowns see recently at top level competitions) and no cuffs.  Too bad – I am rather fond of those cuffs. So off to shop today for float fabric and to help a friend (one of the experts) find fabric for underskirts.

3 Responses to “Waistline detail?”

  1. Gilraen March 17, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    Having looked at these pictures and the ones in the previous entry I would suggest no waistline detail. I think the waistline detail takes away the attention too much from the beautiful neckline both front and back.

  2. Jane Rizzo March 23, 2012 at 5:23 am #

    Mom and I were looking at this tonight and our thoughts are that the waistline contrast should be as wide as the neckline contrast. We agree with the heavy stoning idea (who doesn’t like lots of stones?!?!), but think that the sleeves shouldn’t be fitted, but moderately flared so they hang a bit. Then I read that you’ll be putting floats on it, so fitted sleeves would probably work better.

    Oh, also would you consider experimenting with the waistline contrast so it’s not a straight band, but diamonds at the front and a slight “v” in the back to give more contour to your lovely figure.


    • bgballroom March 23, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

      Oooh! Feedback that agrees with my plan! The very best kind. Yes, I have got a waistband cut out and the idea is to make it the same as the collar width-wise. I had considered the idea of a point up under the bust, but not dropping it in the back. I should have a look at that and see how it looks, but you know Jane, in spite of external appearances, I don’t do much sewing that requires actual work or skill. Slapping on a straight band is a LOT quicker:-)

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