Time to just hang out

7 Jul

I’ve done a bit of experimenting with the horsehair braid and I like the results.  The photos are only so-so.  I think they look a lot better in person.

Then I wrapped the silver trim around the middle of the dress form to (I hope) prevent the body of the dress from stretching quite so much.  Turns out I like a few of the looks it created.

Ha! I just realized I did not look at the back at all.  Well, this has to be decided by Candy in the end and she may have found a silver sparkly belt that works even better.

Sewing stuff:  The underskirt and the skirt of the dress are hand basted on now.  Usually I will not hang a skirt until after they are all sewn on, but since there may still be alterations and because this is not as heavy as a Standard gown, the hand basting seems to be enough.  For Sheila P, who recently claimed she wants to “look up my skirts” here are some photos:

Ignore the weird indent on the left side of the photo.  The dress form stops there, but IRL Candy has legs there, so it won’t look odd.  The upper area of the red, where I have put a couple of white pins, is the body suit.  The middle section is just a tube (essentially a tiny mini skirt) that is just there to hold the flounce.  It will just be zigzagged in place.  No need to turn it under or finish the edge because it is a non-raveling knit.  I will trim off any excess when the dress is nearly complete.

Oh – this is a good place to point out that I made the flounce following the instructions in the Pattern Review Tips book.  It was a tiny bit tedious and I think I made it worse by using plastic sheeting instead of paper, but it worked perfectly.  Love this book for all the tips and tricks, but also because I “know” many of the contributors online.  and if I still have questions, I can just go to the Pattern Review Message boards and one of the 300,000+ members will help me out, often within minutes!

The part with the blue post-it is the main body of the dress.  I made it quite a bit longer than I expected to need so I could accommodate the flounce.  It will also be trimmed closer to the end of the project.

You can see that I have left the side of the flounce open.  This is another design decision to be made.  It might be fun to have the opening so the red can peek through, or maybe we want the red sewed up and the top layer open or who knows?  All easy to do.

I have turned the top edge of the top layer of flounce under to avoid the raw edge of the fabric from running or snagging.  I will top stitch it with a wide zigzag in the end.  This boucle fabric hides stitches so beautifully, I think I could sew it in neon yellow and it would just blend in, but I went and got some matching thread anyway:-)

Okay – fun sewing done.  Now to go and replace a jacket zipper:-P

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