Pretty pictures and silly ones, too.

12 Aug

River City Ball.  Everyone is dripping with sweat in spite of the fact that we ladies are supposed to merely “glow.”  This was our fourth River City, which means we are moving into our fourth year of competition.  We first went there to dip our toes into competition somewhere out of town where nobody knew us.  We figured that would help if we ended up being truly terrible.  Also, in the US I could wear a gown and Bill didn’t need to get a tail suit.

Here is our hallway shot from 2009.

Then Terry and Candy (n the center of the photo above) took us under their wings and we went back in 2010, bringing Neil and Carmen with us, then it became a tradition!

Candy being silly.

More silliness.

Our traditional pose.

Auto corrected.  Technology is fantastic!

So silly!  Do you have friends who will dress up in 18th century evening wear in the dead of summer so you can take ridiculous photos?  Apparently all you have to do is offer them a bit of dancing time, a ribbon or medal and promise them a beer afterward.

Last word to Carmen.  You really have to click on that one and see it is full scale:-)

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