Pretty plus applique plus a little glue and…

24 Oct

Voila!  The beginning of the decoration phase.  Also known as the sore shoulders phase.  When I mentioned to my massage therapist that she was digging pretty hard into one spot that really hurt she kinda barked at me that it was from putting on all those rhinestones and I should smarten up!  She was nicer before she became a mom.  Now she has that moral authority and that combo of  “I’m hurting you for your own good” and “if you would do what I would tell you it wouldn’t hurt so much” and “what am I gonna do with this kid?”  Luckily she is a good mom, so it also has that “oh honey, I’m sorry it hurts.  You’ll feel better soon.”  🙂

We won’t even go into what she did to my calves…

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