Another Snowball come and gone

29 Jan

It was a great competition and we danced really well.  No leg pain, no serious nerves, great hair (photos in a bit) and soooo much fun with friends.  No, the judges were not on our side so much this time, but surprisingly it didn’t matter that much to me.  Every semi final we missed was more about missing the opportunity to dance again than a disappointment in our performance.  The competitive fields were deep and only a very few of the couples who finished ahead of us made us think : “whoops, we should have beat them.”  The Coach had some advice, which was heeded, and we felt even better on the floor.  We can chalk it up to not enough practice and not enough competitions and start getting ready for the next one!

I admit to a few serious errors in choreography.  *blush*  Completely lost it in Quickstep at one point and just could NOT get it back.  Luckily, it was near the end and I am sure all the judging was finished by then.  Eeesh!  These things happen.  The good news is that when the Guy Who is Supposed to be Driving (let’s call him Bill) lost it and started throwing in whisks, which we do so badly I don’t think we have ever intentionally included them in competition choreo, his beloved and glamorous partner (let’s call her Me) followed along as if we did this routine every day.  Yay me!

OK – hair:  Side view.  I clicked “auto correct” but the wrinkles are still there.


Hair piece from The Head Shop Online  where I just bought a scrunchie style hair piece and styled it myself


Hair glue and freeze spray by Got2b.  Amazing stuff!


Earrings from a thrift shop back for Gown #2.  They may be dyed or nail polished to be closer to the colours of this gown.

Rhinestones from the Rhinestone Guy.  Fast and friendly and always have the colours I need, even when the whole world seems to want fuchsia at the same time.


Lashes from Winners, (I added the rhinestones – who wouldn’t?) makeup from my amazing Avon lady buddy Kathy and the real hair (with NO gray!  I will tell you the story next time, AM…) from Glo Hair and Body in beautiful downtown Brentwood Bay.  Since I am plugging everyone today, body work by the wonderful Linda Walker at Brentwood Massage and Physiotherapy and the remarkable Erin Reidel at Saanichton Massage Therapy.

Exhausted!  I will post links to more photos when they become available.



2 Responses to “Another Snowball come and gone”

  1. loveablestef January 29, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    I love your hair! So pretty! And good job following the whisks! Glad the dancing felt good for the most part and that you were satisfied with the experience!

  2. Kathryn Bratt March 13, 2013 at 10:00 pm #

    Excellent work on the hair! Your hair piece blends well with your own hair, which obviously is the point, but often doesn’t happen.

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