Vancouver Challenge Cup. The New Comp in Town.

19 Jan

The Vancouver Challenge Cup  is the newest ballroom competition in the BC, Washington, Oregon area and oh so welcome since we no longer have the Grand Ballroom for hosting local events.  (Glad to see the videos are still up though!)  The venue is lovely and I have to say I was pretty comfortable with the Ladies Dressing Room being in the preschool classroom!  Felt right at home:-)

Though Bill is struggling with some foot issues, which may be plantar fasciitis, we managed some good placings.  do we count the first place in a solo foxtrot?  well, why not!

Though I am still having a sewing block and not managed to get a new gown ready, the hair department has been busy.  Two new hairpieces made their debuts this weekend.  And a good thing I took both, as the first one got hopelessly tangled in hair net and glued into the ornament.  The photos from Friday are a bit dark.  Must remember to get daylight shots!  Also, never do a chin-down photo ever again.


Love the back view.  The ornament there is a corkscrew type little gem that just winds into the hair and stays. Love them!


The matching ornament comb that became hopelessly tangled when I tried to get it out in the evening.  Lesson learned!


The head turn.


Day Two: a little blurry, but you can sorta see the crystals stuck on the bun.  I cut up a bracelet that snagged on EVERYthing and used the sparkle for the hair.


Back view:


Side view – ack!  No chin down!


Side view done right:  fuzzy focus is almost as good as botox.


Tango face.  Lashes thanks to Anne-Marie


Now smile, he says, as he moves the camera…


Now the only question is which hairpiece to tidy up and take to the Southwest Regionals?

4 Responses to “Vancouver Challenge Cup. The New Comp in Town.”

  1. loveablestef January 19, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    I am seriously so impressed with how adept you are at doing your own hair! Congrats on the good placings!

    • bgballroom January 20, 2014 at 12:22 am #

      And I am seriously jealous that you have someone to do yours:-) It really helps that I can take min off and work in front of me!

  2. sjbohio January 21, 2014 at 6:19 pm #

    Did you make your own hairpieces? They look great.

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