Watching Snowball is better than no Snowball at all.

11 Nov

After a mad dash to finish the new dress, it was deemed last Thursday to be definitely not ready. Problem #1. Back into the sewing room for it and back into the dress bag for the magenta dress.

Off to Vancouver – walking on the 5 pm ferry so we don’t have to drive and park in downtown.  Problem #2. Guess what? There are now so many walk-ons that we barely made it on to the ferry.  They actually threatened to cut off walk-on passengers! While dining sensibly in the buffet with ballroom friends we found there, we realized that the city buses might be clogged and backed up and running late. Since we really wanted to see the Under 21 World Champ Standard event, we bit the bullet and got tickets for the cushy coach line bus, which would take us downtown in style. They even have free on-board wi-fi now!

The Under 21s were fabulous of course, and we stayed late to soak up all of the atmosphere, as well as connecting with  dance friends.  This meant a minimum 6 am start for me for hair and makeup, but this is what a comp weekend is all about, right? I do hate it when my ipad alarm tells me it will go at 6 am “today” though! Oh yes, Problem #3 we discovered when we heaved (hove?) ourselves into bed that there was a serious problem, which, not wanting to investigate at 1 am, we didn’t find out until Saturday morning was a broken off leg on the bed.

The preparations went smoothly in spite of a weirdly slanted sleep, we got to the venue and warmed up. As many of our first rounds go, it was bumpy and kinda crappy. I was so relieved after a collision near the end of the Quickstep that my fearless leader went straight to basic quarter-turn plus chassez so I could catch my breath. Sadly, right after I said a quick “thank you,” he announced his calf had done its thing again. We don’t really know if it is torn, knotted or what, but when that calf gets tight, we know it is in imminent danger of “blowing” and it did. No more dancing for us! Problem #4. And we didn’t make the next round anyway….

After that the weekend went splendidly for the most part! The dancing was magnificent, the friends and acquaintances were great fun and we had a couple of memorable meals. We were surprised Sunday night however, to find that Vancouver does indeed roll up the streets on a Sunday night. A beautiful clear, warm night on Robson Street is usually a good opportunity to party and have fun, but since it was all of 11 pm, we had a heck of a time finding somewhere to eat and have our celebratory beers.  Happy to say that after attempting several of our usual haunts and being turned away, the Cactus Club on Robson not only let us in and fed us, they have a late night happy hour! Whoopee! It would make a great SNL skit – 10 Seniors out on the town.  Among us we have at least 3 heart conditions, one artificial knee, glaucoma, 3 asthmatics and Bill hobbling along on his sore leg. All so we can go crazy and paint the town red on our 1 or 2 beers each and just share the appy please, since we don’t want to eat too much before bed. We really are that old now, folks.

So many new ideas for the dress that I now have time to finish. Next projected date of completion will be Quest for the Best in Seattle in January. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Watching Snowball is better than no Snowball at all.”

  1. Marian Condon November 11, 2015 at 4:51 pm #

    Too funny, Glenda! Love your wit! Glad you had a good time even with an unexpected glitch in the dancing.

    • bgballroom November 11, 2015 at 11:02 pm #

      Thanks Marian! I have a couple of weeks to work on my own now, while the injured one recovers. And more time for putting rhinestones on the new dress, too.

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