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Island Fantasy Ball

26 Apr


Not bad – amazing stride length!


Looking like we actually know what we are doing.  Nice!


My favourite.  Ordered a print of this one:-)

Nanaimo is my home town so it is always nice to participate in the Island Fantasy Ball.  And as it marks the beginning of our fifth year of competition, it is extra special!  More to come….

.0517Web copy

Back in the day.  Not Nanaimo, but our first year of competition.

Just about ready!

10 May

Though there are still a few gross of stones that could be added, and probably will be in little bits here and there, the Forget Me Not gown is essentially finished.  Fabric for floats is on its way home right now, I hope.  The chiffon that matched the belt is apparently just not quite right, so more silk chiffon in a colour closer to the pink of the gown is on order.  My design assistant is planning to get it home to me soon so I can get the edges serged up and ready to go.

There will be a floor trial tonight at practice, so I should be able to get some photos and maybe video to see soon.

Cutting error already.

26 Feb

Alert viewers may have noticed the glaring error here.  This is a ruffle for the crinoline.  I managed to cut them all out, sew 17 seams to make a ridiculously long and difficult to handle piece and not noticed that my pattern piece was incorrectly shaped.  It worked with the longer pieces because they go more or less straight around, so for them I just folded down the pattern piece and cut the excess off.  Not so for this piece.  I suppose I could just sew it on “wrong” because nobody will ever see it, Or I could claim it as a “design feature” if I could sew it on neatly enough to not seem like the head-slap, Homer Simpson moment that it was.

Cutting mayhem

26 Feb

Small pile of scraps from a large piece of fabric.

Note the lovely hardwood floor – HARD wood.  My knees are less than happy.  And the organza is sprinkled with lovely glittery blobs, so kneeling on it was even more fun.  Sarcasm doesn’t work well in print, so you have to use your imagination.

Here’s the good news!  The main body of the dress, all serged up and looking elegant.

A little look at how the purple trim might look.  Gee – this angle and no crinolines makes Miss Mitzie look rather top heavy.

So now to thread up the serger and start sewing those skirts.  Three full layers of 8 panels each, one layer of 16 panels that will be pleated on at a 2:1 ratio (from hip height to hem) and one layer of 17 panels (I think I squeezed an extra one out) that will be the bottom edge.  Maybe a little coffee first.  It will be a bit of a long haul!

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