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How About a Few Action Shots?

2 Dec

We had a club demo this past weekend and got some nice photos taken by friends.

Looking happy:

B&G VBDS Demo-7

The problem with a height difference:

B&G VBDS Demo-1

Swirly skirts and tango face:

B&G VBDS Demo-3

Check out Pacifica Ball on Facebook for a video of our waltz.

About time to post some nice results

1 Dec

We had a fantastic time at the Snowball Classic and had some great results.  Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have any good photos, so we will go with some taken at a demo this past weekend.

First, the results:

Senior III Gold – 3rd out of a quarter final with 15 couples.

Senior II Gold – 5th out of a quarter with 17 couples.

Senior I Gold – 5th out of a quarter with 19 couples.

These are our best Snowball placings ever and in the past we have not even made all the finals, so we are tickled pink.  So happy we are moving right out of Gold into pre-Champ.  Crazy or what?  Lots of reasons, good and not so good for doing this, and it should be interesting.

Photos from our club demo:

IMG_0322 IMG_0326 IMG_0324

Portland Rose Festival and River City Ball

22 Jun

One of our all-time favourite competitions for so many reasons!  We met our good friends Terry and Candy there six years ago and we love meeting up with them, dueling on the dance floor and going for beer afterward.  What could be better?


Here we are in the new hall at the Ballroom Dance Company in Tigard, near Portland.  Lovely floors, lots of mirrors to distract us as we put our first Open choreography on the floor (eeeek!) and wonderful people running the comp and cheering us along whether we deserved it or not.

Hair and makeup took 2 full hours.  We heard an interview with Dmitri Zkarkov where he said, “if we have nine hours, it takes nine hours1  If we have 20 minutes, it takes 20 minutes.”   I need to learn the 20 minute kind…..


Front of the hair.  Isn’t the upholstered wall lovely?


Side view.  This was the first time I had a near hair malfunction, but was rescued before the first heat by a fellow competitor who had LOTS of pins to lend me.


Back view.

Results were good!  First in Senior II and Senior III Gold, second in Senior III Novice and third in Senior II Novice.  Gotta love a small field!

Great beer afterward at Max’s Brew Pub.

Pacifica Ball come and gone

2 Jun

So wonderful to have a competition in Victoria again!  The new and improved Pacifica Ball was a fun filled weekend with lots of great dancing.  We came 6th in Senior I Standard and 4th in Senior III. Our friend and fellow competitor Tom Overton even competed in Senior IV!

No hair and makeup pictures this go around but some goofy stuff on out way out for post competition beer. Pretty cool to have our friends David and Denise as the poster “kids” for the event.  Well done Victoria!

IMG_0629 IMG_0632 IMG_0638

Southwest Regionals Hair and Makeup

10 Feb

Getting ready for the Southwest Regionals in lovely Culver City California. Note the attractive, decorative mirror.  Lighting is poor again, sorry!


I went for the quick version of the bangs and just did one big curl.  Maybe not my favourite, but still okay.


Side view – very smooth.  Could use a bit more glue on the back.  The hairpiece looks good!


Back view.  Amazing that this is all fake hair… Thank you Olga Kulikova for showing me that shorter hair and a hair piece works for ballroom!


Crowning glory!  Looks like I have a great big tiara on sideways.  LOL!


Results there were pretty good.  We made our first tiny step into Open choreography by doing our single Quickstep run in Novice.  Yikes!  Time to start some serious cardio.

Photo links day!

25 Jan

The wonderful Nelson Wong has his photos from the Vancouver Challenge Cup ready to view today.  Here are some links to photos of us:

Great tango face

Deliriously happy in quickstep

Good view of the right side of the dress   and Bill looks pretty happy, too.


Vancouver Challenge Cup. The New Comp in Town.

19 Jan

The Vancouver Challenge Cup  is the newest ballroom competition in the BC, Washington, Oregon area and oh so welcome since we no longer have the Grand Ballroom for hosting local events.  (Glad to see the videos are still up though!)  The venue is lovely and I have to say I was pretty comfortable with the Ladies Dressing Room being in the preschool classroom!  Felt right at home:-)

Though Bill is struggling with some foot issues, which may be plantar fasciitis, we managed some good placings.  do we count the first place in a solo foxtrot?  well, why not!

Though I am still having a sewing block and not managed to get a new gown ready, the hair department has been busy.  Two new hairpieces made their debuts this weekend.  And a good thing I took both, as the first one got hopelessly tangled in hair net and glued into the ornament.  The photos from Friday are a bit dark.  Must remember to get daylight shots!  Also, never do a chin-down photo ever again.


Love the back view.  The ornament there is a corkscrew type little gem that just winds into the hair and stays. Love them!


The matching ornament comb that became hopelessly tangled when I tried to get it out in the evening.  Lesson learned!


The head turn.


Day Two: a little blurry, but you can sorta see the crystals stuck on the bun.  I cut up a bracelet that snagged on EVERYthing and used the sparkle for the hair.


Back view:


Side view – ack!  No chin down!


Side view done right:  fuzzy focus is almost as good as botox.


Tango face.  Lashes thanks to Anne-Marie


Now smile, he says, as he moves the camera…


Now the only question is which hairpiece to tidy up and take to the Southwest Regionals?

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