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Lovely little dressform

16 Jul


Such a little cutie, just sitting in the thrift shop and only $5.  It is a Perfect Fit Ajust-o-matic dress form made of heavy card stock.  If you zoom in you can see the little slots where you adjust for the Perfect Fit!


Back view.  This lady was petite, but had a long waist and teeny, tiny hips.


I desperately wanted to bring her home with me, but just could not justify the purchase.  Brilliant concept though, as it could have been flat packed, assembled by the owner and has quite a lot of adjustability.

My rule for such purchases is that if it is still there the next time I go in, I can buy it.  I somehow doubt she will still be there the next time I go a-thrifting, but you never know.

A Google search turned up an ad/article about the Adjust-o-matic.  Read all about her here.

Notion inspiration. The thread tree.

3 Mar

The thread tree.  Basic cheapy from the fabric store.  Plastic and wobbly, but does the job.


It has holes for screwing it onto the sewing table, but as I move machines and things around all the time, I was not interested in that.  Plus, it would put holes in my lovely Freecycle computer desk!  Though about mounting it on a board, but that never happened.

But today I saw this:


Little cup full of computer screws, which we have by the billion around here.  Since there are no small kids here anymore, they are a bit like our Lego.  Step on one of these little beauties and it will make a big impression.  Get it?  Anyway, I was about to dump the works into a container to make yet another pattern weight, which I don’t need, when I thought of the thread tree;


Took it apart.


Flipped the base over.


Filled it with screws, removing all the light plastic whatsits for max. weight.  Traced the outline onto a plastic yogurt container lid.


Glue gunned it in place.


Reassembled the tree.  I know glue gun glue doesn’t bond perfectly with plastic, but it feels pretty firm so far.  I can always add some tape around the edges for security.  Worst case scenario, I have a bunch of screws to pick up one day.  In the meantime, the tree stands firmly and doesn’t rattle around!



Good news – the machine is fine:-)

7 Sep

But it has become very fussy about needles and the only way it would work was with Schmetz size 14 stretch.  Once I got that worked out, after some fruitless and profanity filled tests, it was happy again.  BUT I am totally stuck on how to decorate this dress and have been starting all kinds of other projects to keep myself occupied while mulling it over.

Today’s project, spurred on by the Design Helper telling me to work on it or he would send it to the dump, is my Grandad’s chair.  I love it because it has beautiful lines, is a beautiful example of late 1960’s “Danish Modern” furniture, is extremely well made (I am sure he paid a lot for it back in the day), because it is one of the few arm chairs I have ever sat in that allows my feet to fully touch the floor and of course, because it belonged to my Grandad.  We have hauled it around with us for decades and although I had to finally let go of the matching couch, which nobody ever felt comfortable sitting in (weird paradox there) I have used in one way or another for ages.  But in this house, it has mainly resided in the garage.  We tried it for awhile in our bedroom, but in spite of the best of intentions of using it as a quiet reading spot, it ended up as many bedroom furnishings do, as a repository for discarded clothing.

So off to the basement!  I found it this morning with the seat cushion askew, our set of jumper cables under the seat, a drop cloth, and old cammo jacket belonging to one of the kids and a copy of Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town tossed in a variety of ways over and around it.  Here it is:


I think it is happy that it is getting attention.  See the smile?


Step one is to remove the coverings piece by piece.  The bottom had about a hundred staples in it, all of which were rusty.  None of the staples underneath it were rusty though, so that is a relief.  Here is the strapping under the chair.  No springs, which I hope somehow will make the job a bit easier.   A little “before” pic.


And the “after”


The strapping is stretched out and will need to be replaced. The frame is in beautiful shape and heavily bolted together.  Time now to bring in and set up another “use it or it goes to the dump” piece of furniture – a huge table currently sitting outside with a “free” sign on it.   Stay tuned!

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